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Google Drive view of using pikkC

[The Folders you create in pikkC  app actually automatically show up in your Google Drive]


as a Google Drive Camera App 

  • Click and organize your photography spree’s right when you click :D

  • If you have a party and just want to go crazy clicking pictures just make a folder and go Pikk’in (Click’in) once its done just share that folder from your drive with your friends

Machine Learning

  • To use our app and make ML models which can recognize the labels right, you can use Microsoft Lobe as a co tool on your computer to make your models with your datasets from your Google Drive.

  • So just pick (Pikk) your datasets and download them on your computer and use the import feature in Lobe to import THE folder.

  • Please make sure to keep all separate labels in one folder when you download your datasets based on the model you want to train (So basically all your labels save them in one folder and import that folder in Lobe)

  • Wait for Lobe to process the images and then Train it. You can play around on Lobe or you can export it out to your use 😊 

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